I visited Vienna for the first time a little while back and I honestly don´t know why it took me so long to do it.

Straight flights from Finland, only a couple hour flight and a quick cab ride from the airport to the city and voilà!


I often get different vibes about new places (people, tv-shows, pets, clothes, trips you name it) pretty quickly and I really have to say that I needed some warming up to really fall for this place. After the first day a panic set in and I realized I am never going to have enough time (4 days) to go through all the places and do all the things that I would had wanted to. So a quick selection off things to do and see and off we went. Just a heads up if you are planning a trip here all the stores or at least most of them are all closed on Sundays but museums and other touristy things are usually open. 


How I experienced the people was really interesting. Everyone seemed really busy and wrapped up in their own worlds, I got the feeling of a really big multi million people city even though Vienna is no way close but the feeling was like it was a little metropolitan. People were very stylish and some had a real different and bold taste of fashion wich I always appreciate. People weren't really big on small talk wich is perfectly fine by me, not often being the most smooth with small talk either but they would always help and find time from their possibly busy days to help if needed.


Vienna is packed with museums and unless you have an insanely long vacay or unlimited amount of time I just don´t see how anyone could fit all them in one trip. I chose the Albertina wich really filled all of my expectations and more and since I have had a weird interest into Freud ever since I can remember I had to go to the Freud museum. The Freud museum is a little hidden in my opinion (well there was a huge building sized flag waving on the street but you know things happen) and you have to buzz yourself into the hall way. The museum is also quite small and only accepts a certain amount of people in at a time so be prepared to wait if there is a bigger group infront of you. 


Vienna as a city is quite easy to navigate and you are able to reach most places by foot, wich is also a great to see the city and it´s beautiful old architecture. I have a love hate relationship on walking. I love how it gives me more places to see and more time to focus on the city but then again my feet are always killing me in the end of the day.

What comes to food and wine I feel like this place has a lot to offer from fancy restaurants and sky bars to wonderful old pubs with schnitzels the size of my head (or bigger really, my head is pretty small).